Cloud services offer a wide range of options for providing IT resources quickly and cost-effectively. The offerings of various cloud providers are comprehensive, but at the same time complex and often only comparable at second glance. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of public, private and hybrid cloud must be included in all decisions. Experience in building and operating cloud infrastructures is important to actually realize the benefits of the cloud and avoid cost traps.

We help you understand the offerings of various cloud providers and select the right products for you from these offerings. We support your cloud strategy from the requirements analysis and the cloud architecture design to the actual implementation.

As independent consultants, we are committed solely to our clients. That is why we always keep your interests in mind:

With our background in IT infrastructure, we provide expertise in all technologies important for cloud operations, from Linux to automation and containerization to monitoring. Talk to us about your next cloud project.

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We offer comprehensive support in all technologies from our portfolio.