Monitoring and Alerting

To ensure their function, all IT systems must be constantly monitored. This is the only way to identify potential bottlenecks and failures as early as possible or - better - even anticipate them before they occur. For example, you will know in good time that new users are increasing the response times of your service, that the automatic renewal of TLS certificates is failing, or that your file server is about to run out of space in the middle of the office day.

We plan and implement monitoring solutions that monitor the status and functionality of your IT systems and send an alarm in critical situations. For classic IT infrastructure, we rely on Icinga 2, including important extensions such as Icinga Director. In dynamic environments we rely on the combination of Prometheus, AlertManager, Grafana and Thanos.

Together, we select the monitoring tool that is right for you. We help you identify key metrics and translate them into a monitoring configuration. In addition, we make sure that you have all the knowledge that is important for the daily use of the monitoring system.

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Prometheus Training

We guide you through the Prometheus ecosystem. In our Prometheus training you will learn the function and configuration of all important Prometheus components.