Prometheus: Hands-On Training Monitoring

Course Description

Monitoring of cloud native applications and infrastructure with Prometheus.

Prometheus is a tool for metrics-based monitoring of applications and systems. The particular strength of Prometheus lies in its automatic service discovery, which ensures that all relevant targets are monitored, even in dynamic environments with frequent changes. Prometheus has a simple yet powerful data model and query language. Because of these features, Prometheus is commonly used for monitoring cloud and container environments as well as cloud native applications. This course offers a hands-on introduction to monitoring with Prometheus. Special attention is given to the integration of Prometheus and Kubernetes.

Course Objectives

Participants learn how to monitor applications, services and infrastructure with Prometheus. This includes installing and configuring various exporters, service discovery and collecting metrics with Prometheus, as well as querying metrics via PromQL. In addition, the course covers creating dashboards with Grafana, defining alerting rules and configuring AlertManager, as well as an overview of Prometheus clustering, including Federation and Thanos.

Course Outline

Target Audience and Prerequisites

The training is aimed at developers and administrators as well as architects and decision-makers with a high level of technical interest. The participants have to master the basics of Linux system administration. They need to be able to proficiently use the command line, edit files on the command line, and manage system services. In addition, the participants need basic knowledge about the system properties and services to be monitored. Basic knowledge of Docker or Podman as well as Kubernetes is required for parts of the course.

Your trainer: Fabian Thorns

Upcoming Trainings

  1. 18.11–20.11


    Prometheus: Hands-On Training Monitoring

    Online course with trainer

    3 Days | EUR1,800.00 (plus 19% VAT. = EUR2,142.00)

  1. This course is also available as in-house training.