Helm: Hands-On Training Kubernetes Package Management

Course Description

Package and manage applications on Kubernetes with Helm.

An application on Kubernetes consists of numerous resources that are created using manifests in the cluster. Helm is a package manager that bundles the manifests of all the Kubernetes resources that make up an application into a so-called Chart. The manifests are generated by templates, which allow a flexible customization through variables. This allows any number of instances of the application to be installed and managed using the same Helm Chart. This course provides a hands-on introduction to using Helm and developing custom Helm Charts.

Course Objectives

The participants learn how to use Helm. This includes installing, configuring, updating and managing applications through existing Helm Charts. Furthermore, this training covers the development of custom Helm Charts, including templates, hooks, tests, dependencies, as well as documentation, packaging and publishing of the resulting Charts.

Course Outline

Target Audience and Prerequisites

The training is aimed at developers and administrators as well as architects and decision-makers with a high level of technical interest. Participants must be familiar with the use of Kubernetes. This includes the proficient use of kubectl and creating YAML manifests for Kubernetes resources. Knowledge of basic programming principles, especially the use of variables, conditions and loops, is required.

Your trainer: Fabian Thorns

Upcoming Trainings

  1. 19.10–20.10


    Helm: Hands-On Training Kubernetes Package Management

    Online course with trainer

    2 Days | EUR1,200.00 (plus 19% VAT. = EUR1,428.00)

  1. This course is also available as in-house training.

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