Loki: Hands-On Training Log Management and Log Analysis

Course Description

Management and analysis of log messages in distributed systems with Loki.

Log messages are created on every system and in every application. They contain important events such as errors, warnings or business transactions. Log messages are an essential tool for troubleshooting, ensuring security, and documenting business processes. In distributed systems, there are numerous log sources that are constantly changing due to scaling and updates. For most issues, logs from multiple sources, such as multiple microservices, need to be analyzed together. Loki promises to be a “Prometheus for logs” that collects log messages and makes them accessible across various sources. In this course, the management and analysis of log messages with Loki is explained and practiced through numerous practical examples. This course also covers how to use Loki in Kubernetes and how to link log messages in Loki with metrics in Prometheus.

Course Objectives

Participants learn to use Loki to centrally store log messages and analyze them across multiple sources. Special emphasis is placed on log data collection and preprocessing to ensure efficient searching of the collected data. Participants use LogQL to analyze log messages and learn how to graphically display log data in Grafana. In addition, the course addresses linking log content in Loki with monitoring metrics in Prometheus and collecting log messages from applications in Kubernetes.

Course Outline

Target Audience and Prerequisites

The training is aimed at developers and administrators as well as architects and decision-makers with a high level of technical interest. The participants have to master the basics of Linux system administration. They need to be able to proficiently use the command line, edit files on the command line, and manage system services. Basic knowledge of Prometheus and Kubernetes as well as regular expressions is required in parts of the course.

Your trainer: Fabian Thorns

Upcoming Trainings

  1. 21.11–22.11


    Loki: Hands-On Training Log Management and Log Analysis

    Online course with trainer

    2 Days | EUR1,200.00 (plus 19% VAT. = EUR1,428.00)

  1. This course is also available as in-house training.

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